Celebrating Diversity at MIS

27 Oct

Dear Friends of Middleton,

We are having a spate of celebrations to celebrate the wonderful diversity of our community! We started with the Mooncake festival a fortnight ago where Ms Jasmine took the lead on explaining the significance of the Mooncake festival. Sophia from Primary 1 was our fabulous Chinese to English translator! Students had an opportunity to sample mooncakes and make lanterns.

Diwali was celebrated last Friday with all students engaging in workshops to learn more about the Indian culture. A range of workshops including henna, rangoli, Bollywood dancing, food sampling and artefacts inquiry was led by our lovely parent volunteers and staff who in the process learnt something themselves. Our vibrant Middleton community is indeed committed towards international-mindedness and lifelong learning.

This week we celebrated our diversity with the United Nations day and inquiring into the Sustainable Development Goals. Children looked beautiful in their national costumes or national colours. They also had a lovely opportunity to try foods from different cultures.

We look forward to the EtonHouse Community Fund Charity walk on the 11th Nov. This is a lovely opportunity to meet members of the extended EtonHouse community. The funds raised from the charity drive will go towards the EtonHouse Community Fund, which is the philanthropic arm of EtonHouse.  The funds will be donated to the ECDA Kidstart fund on the day of the walkathon and the funfair. While the charity drive is intended for the children who cannot afford the early years education, there are clear benefit to our students from this charity drive as well.

Middleton International School views children as agents of change now, rather than them waiting to make a difference when they grow up. From a curriculum perspective, this is a way to explore with students areas of citizenship, fairness and equity, sustainability, and other student learning, such as leadership and interpersonal skills as they work towards supporting those with fewer resources than them. We encourage parents to talk to their children about taking action within their spheres of influence and making a difference however big or small possible to the world around them.

Children are also very excited about the fun fair. We would encourage all families to sign-up for the walkathon. However if you cannot make it for the walk, please feel free to come to the funfair which holds a number of exciting activities including face painting, bouncy castle, airbrush tattoo, bungee jumping for kids, coding and clay making activities, food and lot more!

We look forward to seeing all our friends there!

Warm regards


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