Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal Policy and Procedure

Withdrawal Policy

Middleton International School shall execute its withdrawal policy in a fair and reasonable manner. The transfer policy should include the following:

  • Withdrawal application (withdrawal form) must be submitted to the school. Verbal or telephone requests will not be entertained. The school to complete a withdrawal process within 7-working days
  • Once the student has formally withdrawn from the school, re-registration will not be permitted unless approved by the Management.
  • For continual improvement, MIS shall regularly review and update the withdrawal policy to ensure that it remains fair to the students.

Withdrawal Procedures

Middleton International School has procedures which are aligned with the withdrawal policy to execute any withdrawal application.

The process must include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • issuing a formal letter to the parent/guardian (on behalf of student) to reject the application;
  • informing parent/guardian on the need of informing ICA of any change in students’ status that may affect the student’s pass issued (e.g. cancellation of student’s pass for withdrawal case, transfer to a course with a shorter duration, etc);
  • terminating existing student contract and signing new student contract

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