Our Beautiful Community!

15 May

Dear Friends of Middleton,

We have had a happy fortnight with children engaged in their inquiries. Plant observations, cooking, coding, creative iTime projects, Readers’ theatre performances, ECAs, tinkering, etc are just a few of the many things happening at school keeping our little and big learners busy! IMG_1190

A big, warm ‘Thank you’ to all parents who attended the IPC workshop! It was an evening filled with learning, joy and community spirit as everyone engaged in hands-on learning. From simple machines to complex art work to designing toys to drawing upon the cultures and working out the science behind the games, the energy, the learning and the creativity was palpable! It was also a lovely experience for all community members to meet in a social context and learn more about each other. Thank you for your participation and for your time. We really enjoyed the evening and hope to bring more of these for you in the times ahead.

As a Principal, it is always a pleasure to see children happily engaged in learning. However, a school is a brilliant context for the lifelong learning of the adults as much as it is for the children. In the last fortnight, our staff has had some opportunities to interact with professionals across the international school community. They have engaged in conversation in regards to the latest trends in education along with building their personal repertoire of teaching and learning strategies. It is indeed a privilege to have staff members who are enthusiastic about continual learning and professional development.

FullSizeRender (2)I would like to share with you a beautiful incident that remains etched in my mind from last week. In the EAL class, we made chocolate chip cookies as part of procedural texts. As soon as we were done, children rushed to get the “biggest cookies with most chocolate chips”! Just when the teacher instinct kicked in and I was getting ready to seize a teachable moment about sharing, fairness and thoughtfulness, I heard the children talking amongst themselves, “We need to give the biggest cookie to Ms Rita as it is her birthday today!” I stopped in my tracks and let them drive the rest of the experience as they served the cookies on a plate and offered the biggest ones to their teachers and admin staff. It was a moment of pride to see the school values of respect and thoughtfulness in action. As a community we always strive for respectful interaction not only amongst our parents, learners and teachers but also with our extended community including support staff, school transport drivers and aunties and our helpers. Adult role-modelling is essential as children do as we do and not just do as we say. It is these values inculcated in home and at school that will hold the Middleton learners in good stead as they grow in their learning journeys ahead.   Thank you parents, staff and extended community members for all you do! It is a privilege to work together to support our young learners as they continue to open their minds to the amazing possibilities the world offers!

Atima Joshi

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