Ms Chin Fen Ho

Chin Fen Ho

Secondary Science Teacher

Chin Fen is a General Science and Biology teacher with 10 years experience. She held different leadership positions such as the level head for Lower Secondary Science and level coordinator for Upper Secondary Biology. Due to her interests in the interplay between formal and informal science education, she joined the National Institute of Education, Singapore, as a Research Assistant, managing a 3-year project: ‘It takes a village: Igniting the Scientist in lower progress students’, funded by Temasek Foundation Innovates, prior to joining Middleton International School. Recently, she has completed her Master of International Education from the University of Melbourne and is a certified IB educator for MYP and DP.

She believes that education should empower each child to explore and develop his or her unique talents and abilities. While individuality matters, the community where a child is situated is equally important for the development of values and character, where holistic education takes precedence.

During free time, Chin Fen enjoys listening to music, playing the keyboard, and meeting up with friends.

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