Rena Foo

Class Teacher

Rena began teaching in 2000, when she took on a short relief teaching contract at a local mainstream school  supporting students with mild learning difficulties. She saw how individuals of unique learning styles were able to contribute and learn.  They were immersed in active learning, which provided them with opportunities for repeated learning success.

Inspired by this experience Rena went on to complete a Degree in Special Education at Flinders University, Australia. A desire to savour a different way of life and to experience other cultures led her to move out of her comfort zone. She went on to teach at international schools in Hong Kong and Jakarta, Indonesia for 11 years. She gained many meaningful experiences during her overseas teaching time, and has just as many fond memories of her students and their families.

She believes that students are more than the books they read and the contents of what they learn within the confines of the physical classroom. She strives to provide an inclusive environment where children can cultivate empathy and compassion for others, while developing meaningful relationships with those around them.

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