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Venthan A.M

Secondary Science Teacher

Venthan is a Singaporean who has a Masters in Secondary Science Education. He majored in Chemistry and Medical Biochemistry at the National University of Singapore, with Medical Physiology as his minor. He worked for a short while in the private sector as an Applications Biochemist before taking a huge paycut to follow his passion for teaching. He has been in the education field in various capacities for the last thirty years.

Venthan has taught the whole spectrum of Singapore schools – from the government schools, government-aided and independent schools – and in international schools too. He brings to Middleton a vast experience of teaching students from the Gifted stream to the Normal Technical as well as in various examinations systems like the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), GCE ‘A’ level, the Singapore Integrated Programme, local GCE O level and the iGCSE levels. Venthan has also taught the IBDP’s Theory of Knowledge and is an IBO Examiner in this subject.

Venthan is a keen sportsman who has represented Singapore in the Junior World Cup Hockey and the Singapore Armed Forces in the local hockey league in the past. He still holds a passion for hockey and soccer and used to be teacher/coach for hockey. He is a passionate Chemistry teacher who wants to pass on his passion to his students. His other passion is Astronomy and reading story books of various genre.

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