Principal’s Message for Term 1

03 Apr

Dear Friends of Middleton,

We have come to the end of a very happy and busy term 1 – our very first term at Middleton!  From baby steps to big strides, it has all happened rather quickly in the last ten weeks! In the last few weeks our students have explored reading, writing, made brochures, inquired with numbers, learnt new Mandarin words, dabbled in visual and performing arts, worked with projects during i-time, hosted the local Police as part of their investigations in to what constitutes a community and enjoyed many other experiences!

IMG_7131 (2)We always strive to seek out new and exciting learning experiences for our learners. The Da Vinci group hosted the Neuroceramics workshop for our students. Children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the language of clay and are hoping to continue to explore this further in term 2!

The local Police was very kind and visited our Primary 2/3 students to explain to them all about their role in keeping our community safe. The Lasalle Arts college kindly invited our P2/3 learners to visit and ask them questions regarding their work in the community.


Some of our students also had the opportunity to explore the new Microsoft Surface Pro hybrid devices and ‘play’ with them, thanks to our IT team. It was exciting to see how quickly the students were able to work with them independently.

IMG_7754Books came alive at Middleton this week! Children had a lovely time dressing up as their favourite book characters. Teachers’ performance inspired a lot many giggles and smiles with – “Guess how much I love you”! Our senior students ran a Book Cafe for the Primary 1 students and did a fabulous job! We hope that this inspired the children to read more.
To end an exciting term, our children went on a community walk yesterday. It was beautiful to see our children interact with the members of the public on the way, very respectfully. They met a group of seniors in the park and sang English and a Mandarin song for them spontaneously, much to the seniors’ delight. Some of them played with the little ones they met at the park, displaying beautiful manners and respectful attitude, something we keep talking about as part of our values. It was lovely to see them in action!

Some of you asked about Holidays Homework. Holidays are time to unwind, refresh and re-energise! So here it is… the Middleton Primary School homework not only for the children but for all our community members, young and old, to work towards our own happiness and well-being. We expect everyone to do the three things below.

1) Play! Pure unadulterated play is important for children and essential for adults. Take some out to play inside, outside, with someone, all by yourself, with toys, with joy, with pure unadulterated, unbridled happiness! It is a great stress reliever and does wonders to our health and well-being.
2) Read, read and read! It makes us knowledgeable, open-minded, and creative! It takes us places that are unimagined, new and unknown! Read a newspaper, a book, a poem, a story, a sign, a symbol, restaurant menu, do-it-yourself manuals, recipe books, blogs, social media stories (there are some great ones!)….. the list is endless.
3) Make something… a drawing, a game, a riddle, a joke, a painting, a song, a book, a recipe, a craft, a dress, a dance, a piece of music; again…..the list is endless! It helps hone creativity and helps us create new knowledge. Creativity is known to enhance happiness and a sense of confidence; so do take some time out to make something new, something that has never existed before. We all have the power to make……. something or someone happy! If you feel like, do share your creativity with us through email or in person.

We have a vibrant, happy community that wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for each of you and your enthusiastic contributions to it. Our staff, children and parents do us proud and happy. Thank you all!

I look forward to seeing you all next term. Happy holidays!

Warm regards
Atima Joshi

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