Starting a new school

01 Feb

Starting a new school feels somewhat like having a baby! It took months to plan, complete the legalities and the formalities before we were even set to announce the arrival of Middleton. However like any other good news, this remained no hidden matter and we had amazing parents who placed their trust in our school even before we started! This gave us not only the confidence to move forward but a goal to aspire towards within the tight timeline to ensure that we keep our commitment to the parents. As the Middleton community takes our baby steps together, we would like to use this platform to share our growth, our adventures and our learning journey. We hope you will be able to take some time to read our fortnightly updates here.

Opening new boxes of equipments, books, uniforms, furniture, carpets, teaching resources, computers, books and whatnots is a happy tedious task! The staff has thoroughly enjoyed the task before the school opened. We continue to open the boxes, this time round with the children. There is an intentionality of purpose here as we organise the space and resources with our children. Organising their space helps build our students’ sense of ownership and helps build their sense of respect towards their learning environment. The iHub (library and research area) in particular is filled with enthusiastic voices as more and more boxes of books are being opened up! We look forward to loads of reading and research.

Thank you parents for coming over to the first ‘Meet and Greet’ session and for telling us all about your wow moments! Here’s a glimpse of the day!

 The orientation session reminded us again of how fortunate we have been with our parent community, who waited very patiently to sign the Student Contracts as well as receive the invoices. Student Contracts are an important part of the school as we are registered with the Committee for Private Education that helps uphold the commitments made by the school towards the parents. We apologise for the long wait and any inconveniences during this process.

Our school started happily on the 23rd of January 2017. What an exciting day it was to see our students come in with a sense of happy anticipation! The day went by rather quickly and we enjoyed building our Middleton community. We set up essential agreements to help us in our learning journey. Since then, our Primary one, two and three students have gelled rather well with each other and school times fly by rather quickly!

We celebrated the Chinese New Year with great enthusiasm. Our little guests, students from EtonHouse Pre-school showcased a range of performances including a lion dance, fan dance and some lovely, upbeat songs. The finale, with the Middleton Students leading the entire audience with the song Gong Xi – Gong Xi, helped bring the communities together and we look forward to our learning journey with our little partners in the year ahead. I was very proud of the Middleton students who not only learnt the song in a record two sessions with Ms Gladys and Ms Emer but were also very confident performers in front of a very new crowd within their first week of a new school. Way to go!

Children have embarked on their new unit ‘Brainwave’, a theme that focuses on ‘The art of learning’. This unit of work is part of the International Primary Curriculum. During this unit learners will be focusing on tasks that explore positive learning. This is essential as it sets the tone for the rest of the units that will be done over the course of the year. Please look out for the letter sent by the teaching team to learn more about what the students will be focussing on, during the unit at their grade level.

Homework will start in Week 3. We will be starting with easy homework with simple, fun projects. Please remember, the intention of homework at the Primary school level is purely to get the learners in a habit of organising their time and space after school for their learning journey. As mentioned in the Orientation session, homework is meant to be done by children and if they find it too easy or too difficult they need to get back to their teachers.

Sustainability is an important part of Middleton. We look forward to working with you to set up some of our learning areas. We will be starting on tinkering very soon and would like you to donate spoilt gadgets that you are ready to discard like torches, toasters, phones, etc. for our learners to open up and pull apart! We will be working with real equipments to open up parts and will not be able to return back anything, so please do not send anything that is of use to you. We are also happy to take books, board games, etc in good condition that your child may have grown out of and is happy to donate to the school. Please label your donations as ‘Shared with the Middleton community by ________ (your Child’s name) family’.

Capture1Last but not the least… a big ‘Thank you’ to all of you for your warmth and affection in our very first fortnight with your smiles, your kind words, photos, flowers, cards and lovely email messages! We look forward to our learning journey with you.

Warm regards

Atima Joshi


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