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At Middleton, we are committed to hiring teachers who are passionate about their work and have demonstrated a high level of dedication and success in an international teaching and learning environment. Middleton International School has a vibrant mix of teachers. All teachers are professionally qualified and are trained in the delivery of an international programme. Professional development is a matter of great importance in our community. All teachers undergo a thorough and ongoing induction and training programme to ensure that we deliver a high quality of practice in our school.

Atima Joshi is an experienced educator and has been with EtonHouse since 2003. Atima holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree from the University of Delhi, India and a Master of Education Degree from RMIT University in Victoria, Australia. In her various positions as Hindi teacher, ESL teacher, Year 2 and Year 3 Classroom teacher, she has taught students in age ranges from 3 years to 11 years at EtonHouse International School. Her passion, creativity and enthusiasm have enabled her to create learning environments that have supported, challenged and inspired her students. Atima has held Coordinator positions for different curricular areas including the Specialists and Languages departments, Science, Celebrations and Events, Year 2 and Year 3 Classes.

Matt has presented at a number conferences, including the CSA State Conference, DigiCon, PESA Conference and recently collaborated on a National Curriculum Resource for Australian Schools. Matt has experience working in multiple IB Schools, as well as time spent consulting with schools regarding 21st Century pedagogy.

Matt has a passion for lifelong learning which has seen him acquire a Bachelor of Education from Melbourne University, a Masters of Education from Monash University, a Graduate Certificate in Education (IB, PYP) and he is currently completing a Graduate Diploma of Psychology from Monash Univeristy in Victoria, Australia.

Matt believes in a socio-construcitivst approach to teaching and learning, which supports students in actively making meaning and inquiring into the world around them. He is driven by the desire to provide strong academic rigour, coupled with developing key dispositions and thinking skills that support students to be lifelong learners and compassionate citizens. Matt’s ambition is to see all students flourish, through both academic and social/emotional learning.

Personally, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. He has a passion for travelling and living an active lifestyle. On weekends he can be found running, walking, swimming and playing sport with his children.

Alia Arbisi (Class Teacher)


A passionate, resourceful and reflective teacher, Alia Arbisi holds experience in planning for and teaching the English national curriculum to senior primary students. Alia was first introduced to the EtonHouse family as a teacher volunteer for a short stint at Broadrick. Her passionate and enthusiastic persona is reflected in her interactions with the children. Alia holds a primary teaching degree from England.

Alia enjoys travelling, music and working with charitable organizations.  



Fareeshah Dawood Epeer (Class Teacher)

A bubbly, dedicated and passionate early years teacher, Fareeshah Dawood Epeer (Ms. Sasha) has had a long association with the EtonHouse group. She is a strong advocate of children being given ample opportunities to engage in sensorial experiences and taking the lead in their journey of exploration and discovery. She identifies with the Reggio-Emilia approach, and is a firm believer of honouring the 100 languages by which children express themselves. She recognises children as independent and competent learners who construct knowledge and learn best through play. She enjoys collaborating with families to support children in their holistic development.

Fareeshah holds advanced diplomas in Early Childhood Teaching and Leadership and is looking forward to completing her Bachelor in Early Childhood Education with Psychology. She enjoys going for long runs and has been working on improving her personal timing in half marathons. Asian Civilisation Museum holds a special place in her heart!  She can often be found visiting exhibitions there and enjoys devouring books centralising on culture, world religions and civilisations.

Felicia Hoa (Associate Teacher)

Felicia’s working journey began as a graphic artist, 3D animator and broadcasting operator as she holds a diploma in multimedia from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. This initial career path spanned a total of seven years before she made the switch to teaching and has continued to do so ever since.

Felicia has been in the education industry since 2007. Her foray into teaching started as a Secondary School Art teacher, after which she spent six years teaching English creative writing to Primary School children. Her rewarding experience gained from teaching young children prompted her to pursue a diploma in Early Childhood Education. She believes that children have the potential to offer something unique to the world and that their capabilities are limitless. She hopes to awaken their love for learning through music, nature and art. 


Georgia Perrie (Class Teacher)

Georgia is an enthusiastic, dedicated young teacher who is passionate about encouraging students to achieve personal excellence in all aspects of their academic and co-curricular schooling. She completed her Bachelor of Education in Sydney, Australia and has taught in classrooms around the world including Australia, Canada and two years in London.

Georgia believes exceptional classroom management skills are the foundation for a productive learning environment. When students are in her classroom they feel they are in a safe, fair, and comfortable environment where they can take risks and contribute by sharing and gaining knowledge. She goes beyond the curriculum to encourage students to foster creativity, develop character, build self-confidence and hone interpersonal skills to last a lifetime. Georgia is passionate about sports including dancing, yoga and surfing.


Gwendolyn Ong (Associate teacher)

A passionate early years teacher, Gwendolyn believes that every child is unique and comes with infinite curiosity as well as potential to learn and grow. She hopes to build strong relationships with her students and help them discover their uniqueness as individuals. Gwendolyn aspires to empower her students with the confidence to embrace their dreams and to be successful learners by providing a rich environment in the classroom.

Gwendolyn holds a WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education and has spent many years in the role of class teacher in different pre-school settings. She is particularly experienced and interested in integrating technology within the early years curriculum. Gwendolyn possesses certifications in piano and swimming and she looks forward to completing her studies in Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Psychology.


Weng Jin Then (Class Teacher)

Weng Jin is an energetic, creative and passionate teacher who believes in lifelong learning for all. She strives to create classroom environments that will foster inspiration and joy in her students. She believes that students become more invested in learning when lessons are relevant, engaging and fun.

Weng Jin has dual degrees in both Early Childhood Education and Music. She also has experience teaching in international schools globally. She hopes to instill respect and compassion for different cultures, and in doing so, planting seeds that will enable young children to become active and informed global citizens. Weng Jin is passionate about art, music, travelling and paddle boarding.



Serene Yap (Class Teacher)

Serene Yap joins us as a Grade 1 homeroom teacher. Having taught in several international schools in Singapore, Italy and Thailand, has shaped Serene’s perspectives on international-mindedness. She values the importance of being equipped with the essential skills to be a global and independent learner. Serene holds her Bachelor’s Degree in English from Singapore University of Social Sciences and possesses a Diploma in Education from Nanyang University – National Institute of Education, Singapore.

In her classroom, young minds engage in authentic learning experiences through exploring concepts and solving problems in their own creative ways. She hopes to develop a sense of respect and responsibility towards children, others as well as the planet.

As a curious learner of the world, Serene expands her mind by travelling; embracing and learning about different cultures and ways of life.


Kate Morley (Class Teacher)

Kate holds a Bachelors degree in primary teaching and comes with experience in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 teaching of the UK National Curriculum. She believes that setting high expectations is essential in providing a well-rounded education. This is something she strives for in both her teaching and planning as well as assessment. She enjoys providing rich learning experiences to her students. Kate firmly believes that the role of a teacher is to develop skills in young people and enable them to become life-long lovers of learning. This being at the heart of her practice as a class teacher, Kate works towards providing a safe, positive and inclusive environment in her classroom in which children can develop socially, emotionally and morally.

Kate enjoys travelling and as part of her travels has previously done a short teaching experience with the EtonHouse group. In addition to travel and sight-seeing, her other interests include socialising with friends, exploring new places and spending time reading a range of different genres.


Mark Sherwin (PE Teacher)

Mark comes to Middleton International School with a degree in Sport Science from Winchester University, a postgraduate degree in Social Science from Bristol University, He is also qualified in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Mark has been in Education for the past 12 years, covering primary, secondary, and further education. From this, Mark has great exposure to techniques pertinent to making sports and physical education fun, and engaging.

Mark’s passion for sports and fitness, along with being a fully qualified personal trainer and playing various sports at a competitive level, has driven him to develop sports education that focuses on motivating and encouraging children to enjoy sports, and lead a healthy lifestyle; and believes that sport plays a crucial part in building a child’s foundation for a healthy future lifestyle.


Neelam Rawat (Hindi Teacher)

A Singapore permanent resident, Neelam Rawat is a passionate educator with an unwavering commitment towards students learning and success. Neelam holds a Bachelor of Education degree in Educational psychology and evaluation as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree (Hindi, English, Economics and History). A lifelong learner Neelam is in the last leg of her Masters Degree in Hindi language. Her experience in Singapore includes teaching Hindi to primary and secondary students in Raffles Institution (through DAV), Delhi Public School and National Public school.

Neelam believes that learning a language requires practice, patience and perseverance.  Students need to have fun and be exposed to oral language experiences before they can internalize and start using the language effectively to communicate.

Music, dance and travel are integral to Neelam’s life adventures! She is actively involved in organizing cultural performances beyond school and is actively pursuing Kathak classical dance training in her free time.

Nina Paavola (EAL Teacher)

Nina hails from the United States of America. Before coming to Singapore, Nina was a Peace Corps volunteer English teacher in West Java, Indonesia. Prior to her service with Peace Corps, she completed her Master’s level TESOL education courses. Nina’s undergraduate degree specialization is a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Linguistics. In addition she holds a Bachelors degree in English. Nina is experienced in teaching English to students of all ages and backgrounds, from preschool to adults.

A reflective practitioner, Nina is also a lifelong learner and is currently in the process of completing her capstone project with Gonzaga University. Nina loves to sing and we look forward to the harmony and melody she brings along to the Middleton community!



Ruiqi Ng (Class Teacher)

Ruiqi has been based in Middleton Upper Bukit Timah road branch and has been closely involved in the preparations for the Tampines campus. Ruiqi holds a Masters of teaching degree from The University of Western Australia, in addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Psychology. Her passion for educating young children developed during her undergraduate studies where she was actively involved in tutoring and teaching children of all ages. Prior to joining Middleton International School, Ruiqi has taught in several local and international schools and institutions in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

As a teacher, Ruiqi believes that her role is not only to impart new information, but to instil processes for life-long learning. She encourages active learning by involving students in activities that mirrors authentic experiences, and challenging them to broaden their global outlook.

Outside of teaching, Ruiqi enjoys hiking, and has conquered several peaks during her travels!

Sidonie Etchells (Class Teacher)

Sidonie Etchells hails from the UK and has recently moved to Singapore with her husband. A positive and enthusiastic teacher, Sidonie firmly believes that teaching should be learner-centric and that the role of a teacher is to inspire all young learners to take control of and pride in their own learning. She strives to make learners aware of their potential by creating a nurturing and creative environment. Sidonie believes that school should be respectful, fun and engaging for everyone – staff, students and parents.

Sidonie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education. She has previously taught Years 4, 5 and 6 in Manchester and Peterborough.  Her passion for travel has seen her engage in various backpacking adventures around the world and added to her understanding of diversity as well as international-mindedeness.


Srishti (Class Teacher)

Srishti Pingali is a passionate teacher who returns back to the EtonHouse family after a year. Srishti’s experience at EtonHouse Broadrick has helped her establish strong connections with other educators and she continues to be active in her professional learning communities. With a Bachelors in Arts (Hons) , a Masters degree in English Literature and a Diploma in Psychology, Srishti’s teaching experiences also include that of a learning support specialist as well as a additional language specialist teacher.

Srishti believes that good communication and strong partnerships within the classroom and between the students, parents and teachers is the key to learning. She encourages her students to be motivated learners and critical thinkers as she keeps the process of learning exciting and enjoyable.

Srishti and is a trained Indian classical dancer. She enjoys reading and being with nature and often indulges herself in cycling and long walks whilst exploring the island of Singapore she now calls home. Student transferring from the Upper Bukit Timah campus will be familiar with Ms Srishti as she has spent some time with the teaching team there.

Wang Wei (Chinese Teacher)

Wang Wei is an experienced, compassionate and enthusiastic teacher who comes to Middleton with various teaching experiences and educational background. She holds Master of Arts Degree in Teaching Chinese as an International Language from National Institute of Education (Singapore), Postgraduate Diploma in Special Education from East China Normal University and Bachelor Degree in Chinese Language and literature from Shanghai Normal University.

Wang Wei hails from Shanghai, China and has taught students in age ranges from 6 years to 16 years in Singapore. She has extensive knowledge of the Singapore MOE Chinese Syllabus and Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in Chinese–First Language and Chinese—Second Language.

A certified gymnast Wang Wei likes to do sports including swimming, yoga and trekking.

Angeline Chua (Class Teacher)

Angeline is a dedicated and nurturing educator with more than 9 years’ experience in teaching. Her areas of expertise are primary school mathematics and science.  She has also served as mathematics subject coordinator in her previous local schools (Singapore).  Angeline holds and honours degree in the Bachelor of Science (Education) and a Masters degree in Mathematics Education from NTU NIE in Singapore.

Angeline advocates learning through inquiry and problem-solving whereby students do not simply acquire knowledge; they must also be equipped with necessary skills and processes to develop and apply their own learning.  Besides enabling her students to achieve academic excellence, she takes care to instil in them a strong sense of moral values, joy for learning and strength of character.

An outdoors person, Angeline enjoys running, cycling and trekking.  She is also learning more about astronomy as she admires the stars, planets and galaxies of our universe.  

Caroline Colacicchi (Class Teacher)

Caroline Colacicchi hails from the UK. She holds a PGCE and prior to her Singapore experience, she held the position of Head of History and class teacher in the UK. Caroline believes that a successful classroom is a busy one with different types of learning taking place. Children should feel individually supported and challenged to discover a life-long love of learning. In order to achieve this, the classroom environment must be a place where mistakes are viewed as part of the process of learning, are celebrated and discussed.

Caroline enjoys cooking and performing arts.



Christopher Hansford (Class Teacher)

Chris is from the UK and is also a Permanent Resident of Singapore. He has over 15 years of experience in teaching the EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, in the UK and Singapore (age 4 to 11) and has extensive knowledge of the English National Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP).

Chris is a highly motivated teacher and is passionate about delivering best practice in the classroom to ensure engaging and challenging lessons for students.

Apart from his qualifications in teaching, he is also a certified Tennis Coach (British Lawn Tennis Association Level 2); Tae Kwon Do Instructor (UKASKO) and is also equipped to Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Chris looks forward to bring his multifaceted talents to Middleton to provide a wide and dynamic range of curricula and co-curricular options.


Gladys Ang (Class Teacher)


Gladys completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Education in National Institute of Education (Singapore) and enjoyed a 7-year teaching stint within the public and international education system in Singapore before moving to Jakarta, Indonesia. Over there, she spent 5 years teaching Mathematics and Mandarin to students undertaking the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Primary Checkpoint Programme and Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) before returning to Singapore in August this year.

She believes in encouraging her students to be self-directed learners, to question and think critically about what they read and to collaborate often. With a strong belief in the philosophy that no child gets left behind, she always tailored her lessons to ensure that her students achieve their potential and develop themselves holistically. Personally, she enjoys experiencing different countries and working in the international community. As an avid sportswoman, she also enjoys being outdoors, running on trails, trekking and participating in ultra-marathons.


Neha Srivastava (Art Teacher)

Ms Neha Srivastava is a dynamic teacher who comes to Middleton with an array of experiences in the creative fields of designing and visual arts. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Psychology (honours) and has completed her teaching qualifications from Cambridge. Her stints with different international schools in Singapore have added to her wealth of experience. Ms Neha believes in building strong relationships with the learners and partnership with parents in order to establish a sense of security, comfort and warmth in the classroom. She believes that this is crucial to the students’ learning. Ms Neha encourages her learners to take ‘risks’ and try out new possibilities as a part of growth, particularly in the arts.

Ms Neha’s also helps in providing student support wherever needed. She works with the class teachers, senior management team and the children to understand contexts in regards to behaviour or academic support and suggests possible solutions.

In her spare time Ms Neha enjoys baking and creative pursuits. With her positive persona and energy, she brings a sense of camaraderie and vibrancy to the Middleton community.

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