Welcome our new families

31 Jul

Dear Friends of Middleton,

This term we welcome our new families who add to the diverse cultural fabric at Middleton. In this context it was just perfect to start Term 3 with a beautiful celebration of the Racial Harmony Day.  We welcomed the EtonHouse Pre-school students who performed a selection of Malay, Chinese and Indian cultural dances for us. Our children enjoyed seeing the little ones perform with loads of confidence and happiness. It was a treat indeed!

We have got back into the groove of things and the learners have started their IPC units with a lot of curiosity and energy. As I sit typing up this blog, I see a group working on their iPads and another one getting ready to walk to the letterbox nearby to drop a letter to one of the teachers. The Primary 1 learners are thoroughly engrossed in their photography and scratch lessons. Mr Chris’ “cave” has generated loads of excitement and I can’t wait to see how the space unfolds as the students bring about their creativity into the space.

As part of iTime, our children worked on zentangles last week and –ish drawings based on Peter Reynold’s story. Observing things around us in detail and trying to draw them in 2D can be challenging but fun. Observation drawings offer children the benefit of slowing down and encourage them to take time to notice details in day to day objects around them. Seeing, analysing and portraying 3D objects in 2D using the elements of Line, Shape, Texture, Colour and Space offers areas of growth as our brain makes new neural connections.

The Student Representative Council has been busy at work and organised the playing area equipment along with some of other student volunteers. We are glad to see our learners take on real life problems and work on them for the common good of the community.

A coffee morning was held for our new parents and we were glad to hear their feedback about how comfortably their children have settled at Middleton. We are sure glad to see our community growing!

Middleton Open House will be held on the 19th of August for prospective families. If you have any friends that are interested to learn more about who we are, do encourage them to join in. We have limited spaces available for next year.

Till the next post…. stay curious!

Warm regards

Atima Joshi

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