Welcome to Term 2

02 May

Our Middleton community is growing by leaps and bounds and it is great to welcome and welcome back to our new and continuing families! We also welcome into our community, the Primary 4/5 Orcas class students and their teacher, Ms Marjorie La France. Ms Marjorie is from Canada and has vast experience in teaching this age group.

27953570-4358-4279-9123-6281978b0831The fortnight’s been busy as we’ve all settled back into learning. The new IPC units on ‘Food’ and on ‘Plants’ have seen a great deal of interest particularly after students went on the engaging excursion to Bollywood Veggies. After some initial squirming at the idea of touching soil and getting hands-on with the squelching mud, the learners got right into the thick of things and experienced what it is like to plant paddy or other plants. Many questions evolved from the initial provocations, which included planting and observing garlic, potatoes and onions.

  • When will my plant grow?
  • How long does it take before we can eat it?
  • Why do different plants need different habitats?
  • Can plants sense?
  • Why do some plants have thorns/spikes?
  • Can we eat all plants?
  • Why do plants take different times to grow?
  • How do we know the soil is enough?

deb06333-4d4e-4937-857d-dfc0e9dca3e1We look forward to these inquiries unfurling in the next few weeks.

In Maths students are starting to explore data handling and measurement as part of their inquiry units. One of the essential parts of learning maths is to help children see how it is an essential and integral part of our daily lives. Do encourage your children to share how they have derived an answer rather than focussing on the answer itself. Focussing on the process rather than the product is critical to developing children’s thinking, particularly in their primary school levels.

The ECAs have started and students are enjoying the coding and music ECAs after school. The Clay classes start this week and we look forward to the creativity and fun spilling out of these sessions! Students have also signed up for their lunch time sessions and have enrolled themselves in the magic, Chinese chess, dance or the choir clubs. Selecting their own lunchtime club helps the students feel empowered and ensures that their commitment stems out of their ownership and choice rather than that of the adults around them. We look forward to their staying committed to their chosen clubs.

Our newly launched Primary 4/5 class will be spearheading our Student Council and we will be looking to democratically elect our Girl and Boy Student Ambassadors from each class. Ms Georgia will be facilitating the Student Council that aims to meet each month to discuss student issues and initiate student action and service.

IMG_0391Last term our students worked on a Middleton Wheel of Choices that includes strategies suggested by the children themselves for resolving small conflicts that they might have amongst themselves for example when friends don’t share toys or play equipment, or if someone hurt their feelings, etc. Students brainstormed the type of problems they have and suggested ways to solve them on their own without adult help. Conflict resolution is an important life-skill that we want our learners to have. This term, we will look at implementing these strategies suggested by the children with the help of the Student Council. We will be sending home the wheel of choices for parents to discuss it with their children.

The iTime is gaining momentum as students plan their products they would like to learn to make. After having planned the items and having given us the list of what they need, they will be working on their prototypes in the coming weeks. We look forward to their creative ideas succeeding or failing as they deepen their learning through continual reflection. Watch this space!

Parents, we look forward to our community gathering on the 9th of May evening. A letter is being sent out in this regard. The proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”, holds deep meaning for us at Middleton. We look forward to strengthening our community by developing strong and meaningful relationships with all members and would love to see you. Do join us for an evening of learning, fun and conversations around what we hold dear…. our young learners. We look forward to seeing you all!

Warm regards

Atima Joshi

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