Welcome Term 3

24 Aug

Dear Friends of Middleton,

The Term 3 seems to be zooming past at an incredible speed! We have had a number of exciting experiences and look forward to some more. Some of the many adventures are recorded in students’ voices below.

My favourite part of the learning was …

…“When I downloaded the game (for coding) on my iPad!” – Melody

… “Physical Education with Ms Sha!” -Breanna

…”Learning about fractions in Maths.” – Mason

… “Maths and Chinese with Ms Gladys.” – Emerald

… “We liked the cave paintings with natural paint. The room smelled but it was cool!”- P2/3 group

… “Making the sparkly Eiffel Tower in the arts class and ‘length’ in Maths class.”- Sophia

… “Making the toy bags in the Chinese class.”- Eywa

…. “Animation art!” – Gio

What a delightful range of learning experiences! Thank you teachers!

The teachers have been busy not only with teaching but also their professional learning.  The regular professional learning helps educators remain current with the modern trends in education; model the lifelong learning; and develop empathy as a learner themselves. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our teaching staff for being open-minded and reflective learners and taking time to ‘sharpen their axes’.

A fortnight ago I had the opportunity to conduct some training for our staff in China EtonHouse. It was exciting for me to share some of the practices we adopt at Middleton, with the staff in China. It was a rewarding experience to see how well the teachers there responded to the teaching strategies shared with them. It is a privilege for us to be able to share our learning experiences with EtonHouse schools. This collaboration benefits our Middleton learners in the long run as we ensure that the pedagogical practices continue to grow from our EtonHouse group’s combined international experience.

Finally I would like to share some beautiful thoughts on “respect” as articulated by our thoughtful Primary 1 students.

“Respect looks like people caring for other people.” – Duvini

“Respect sounds like soft voices and kind words.” –Harry

“Respect feels warm when you look deep inside your heart.” – Melody

“Respect is listening to and saying kind words”- Lucas

“We should respect our Earth and if we don’t take care of it, it will die.”- Caleb

“We need to respect everyone.” -Ale

“Respect is important so people feel happy.”- Chloe

Way to go Primary 1! Thank you for sharing your understanding of ‘respect’.

Till next time… keep learning!

Warm regards

Atima Joshi

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