Lynette Grant (Vice Principal)

With a career spanning over twenty years, Lynette has always acted upon a genuine desire to inspire and motivate young people to become independent, confident and inquiring lifelong learners. Lynette believes that the wellbeing of the children and young people is paramount.  At the heart of her educational philosophy is the belief that the wellbeing of students has a direct influence on academic success and achievements. By empowering young people with confidence, resilience and an awareness of the power of gratitude they can truly learn, grow and flourish. 

A career built on a solid academic foundation, Lynette has attained degrees from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Aberdeen, and further enhanced her teaching credentials through achieving Professional Learning certificates from some of the world’s leading Universities.  

Lynette has also had experience in a quality improvement role, working at a Local Authority level to support schools in implementing and maintaining best practices,and recognising the importance of ensuring that robust policies and procedures are in place to underpin a vision and translate it into a reality. 

With a strong belief in evidencing impact to ensure that the best possible outcomes are being secured, Lynette believes that educators have a duty and a professional obligation to ‘know thy impact’.  Quality learning and teaching is not about the latest initiative or paying lip service to a pedagogical position, it is about ensuring we are meeting learners at their point of need by providing support and challenge. All the time reflecting upon the outcomes; how do we know we are having the desired impact? How can we continue to improve on this?

Lynette has a strong interest in positive psychology, mindfulness and the practice of gratitude.  She is looking forward to embracing the culture and values of Middleton and learning more about the work of the Contentment Foundation.  

Having worked in the UK, Malaysia and Germany, Lynette has moved to Singapore with her husband and son and is looking forward to exploring all that Singapore has to offer.


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  1. Why did you choose Middleton?

We had an excellent first impression during the school visit and were enthusiastic about the curriculum that integrates MOE Maths and Mandarin. My son, Alessandro, has shown great interest in learning Mandarin since his kindergarten years and is happy that he would be able to continue with it. We could feel that all the teachers and staff are experienced and passionate about education.   Middleton International School is an excellent education choice, at a fair cost, providing a solution to many foreigners who cannot afford the high fees of other International Schools.

  1. What are your thoughts on the facilities?

We never considered facilities as a critical factor to evaluate a school. In our home country, Italy, school facilities are unfortunately inadequate, but the quality of education is not affected and still ranks quite well. Having been an educator myself, I always believe that A place is only as good as the people you know in it. It is the people that make the place, not the infrastructure, and the people at MIS are outstanding.

  1. What do you like most about Middleton?

We love the fact that MIS, having started in less than a year, encompasses a vibrant community where children, parents and teachers actively participate, discuss and share their experiences. As a family, we are happy with the extremely positive environment our child is immersed in. Every single day, my Alessandro goes to school with a smile. That is for me as a parent the most important thing and proof that MIS has been the best choice for our family.

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