About Middleton


Every student has a right to an academically rigorous education that allows them to reach their full potential. At Middleton, students feel both academically challenged and supported by a learning environment that is safe, nurturing and enriching.

Our teachers are aware of each student’s emotional, social, psychological, and physical development as well as their cognitive growth. They provide a motivational framework for each learning opportunity. We view parents and community members as partners who play an integral part in the educational process. The active participation of parents provides numerous multifaceted and multicultural experiences for students.

Our inquiry-led programme incorporates auditory, visual and kinaesthetic styles of learning. Technology is also integrated into learning experiences in a relevant and engaging manner. Individual, small group and whole class learning happens spontaneously and both student-directed and teacher - directed learning are valued.

A Middleton classroom is an inviting and safe place where students feel comfortable, and develop a love of learning.

Atima Joshi Interacting with a student


To empower learners to become capable, responsible and successful global citizens.


Middleton will meet its vision through:

An educational philosophy that nurtures caring, socially conscious and internationally minded citizens to learn, innovate and serve.
A rigorous curriculum that develops competent and creative learners relentless in their pursuit for excellence.
An integrated and holistic programme distinctive in its approach to happiness and wellbeing.

Culture Statement

Learn. Innovate. Serve.

Our school culture is defined by our values. At Middleton International School, we are a community of learners who strive to embody international mindedness and excellence in all that we do. The Middleton motto “Learn, Innovate and Serve” underpins the school ethos of actively engaging students to build on their knowledge, skills, and understanding, and instil the right dispositions to develop new ideas that help serve self, the community and the world at large.

MIS Tampines Art Class Early Years



We approach change with an open mind, flexibility and creativity. We cultivate optimism and are proactive in embracing new ideas, cultures and beliefs. We value innovation.


We strive to learn harmoniously, respectfully and in cooperation with all members of our immediate and extended community. We endeavour to be team players and work together to achieve common goals.


We are curious, engaged and inquisitive thinkers who approach learning enthusiastically. We are passionate and intrinsically motivated in our pursuit of lifelong learning.


We demonstrate our understandings, share information and express our ideas through different processes and mediums. We are effective communicators.


We show kindness and humility in the way we interact with each other. We are aware of ourselves as well as others. We express empathy and care for our global community. We are thoughtful and reflective when making decisions and acting on them.


We persevere and demonstrate resourcefulness when striving to meet our goals. We show buoyancy, confidence and maintain perspective when faced with challenges and change.


We value ourselves, others and their unique perspectives. We appreciate our resources, environment and community. We make sustainable choices.


We make ethical choices in our thoughts, words and actions. We act with integrity, courage and conviction.