High School

Middleton Grade 11 to Grade 12 Programme
Ages 17 to 18

Middleton International High School in Singapore will offer the Cambridge International A-Levels (IAL) qualification programme in Grades 11 and 12, also traditionally called Sixth Form. It is a rigorous pathway that prepares learners for university study and the globalised world, widely recognised by top universities and employers globally.


The Cambridge International A-Levels programme sets students up for success because:

IAL only require students to choose 3 or 4 subjects to specialise in and study in depth over two years. Students can choose to study and focus on the subjects that they are strong in or interest them and which are required for the degree they intend to pursue at university (most university entry requirements specify only three grades at A-Level). Even if students have no idea of what to do at university or for their career, they can keep their options open by selecting a variety of courses across different subject areas, taking into consideration what they enjoy or are likely to score well in, and the transferrable skills demonstrated by different subject choices to showcase their capabilities in the different areas. Students are also likely to maximise their potential and achieve the best outcomes/grades in these subjects by specialising earlier.
Students do not have to sit the final examinations all at once and can instead space them out. Students will sit for the AS exams at the end of their first year (Grade 11) and receive an AS-Level grade which can also be a stand-alone qualification in its own right that is worth half the equivalent A-Level grade. Students may then decide which three subjects to continue into the second year (Grade 12) and take the A2 exams, which test on the content covered in the second year, at the end of the year. The final A-Level grade will be an average of the grades achieved in the AS and A2 exams. The AS results also allow schools to provide rigorous predicted grades to Universities which is known to lead to more offers.
There are two examination periods within the year. At Middleton Tampines, students will take their exams in October/November and will have the flexibility to resit and retake their AS modules in October/November if required to get the best result possible to get them into their dream university.

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Complementing their IAL subject choices, students would be able to participate in other co-curricular activities that will enrich their High School experience, and help them build a comprehensive and meaningful CV that would benefit university admissions and future employment. At Middleton, there are lifeskills and wellbeing courses, opportunities to assume responsibilities or leadership positions, or the National Youth Achievement Award and the ACSIS inter-school athletic programmes to offer students a holistic education that goes beyond academics. 

Middleton also has a team of highly experienced teachers who are able to guide families through the subject selection and university application process, to identify the most appropriate IAL courses to maximise academic potential whilst also supporting personal development and career aspirations. 

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