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Why Choose Middleton For Your Child’s Education In Singapore

Rigorous Curriculum

Middleton offers a high-quality international curriculum that is a unique blend of international and local learning outcomes. Our inquiry-led approach ensures learners are fully engaged and enjoy their learning, delivered by passionate, experienced educators.

Student Happiness and Wellbeing

Happiness & Wellbeing

Beyond academics, we place a strong emphasis on our learners' social and emotional wellbeing. We are proud to be The Contentment Foundation's Mothership School in South East Asia. 

Affordable Fees

An affordable international school in Singapore, we never compromise on the quality of education. Instead, we look for ways to lower operating costs through developing economies of scale and affordable rentals.

Upper Bukit Timah
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Part of EtonHouse International Education Group

Middleton leverages decades of expertise and knowledge of the EtonHouse group in operating high-quality international schools on a global scale.

Certifications & Affiliations


As one of the top international schools in Singapore, Middleton offers a comprehensive pathway for learners from Pre-school to High School.

Middleton Intensive English Programme

We understand that students who are academically successful in their home country are sometimes not able to join international schools due to their English proficiency. For non-native speaking learners in Grades 4 to 7 (ages 10 to 13) who may not meet the mainstream requirements, we offer a short-term course aimed to help them reach the English proficiency level required to access international curricula upon graduation.

Campuses in Singapore

2 Tampines Street 92,
Singapore 528889
+65 6636 1155

Our Tampines campus offers Nursery 2 to Grade 12, offering the IGCSE and Cambridge A-Levels programmes in Secondary and High School.

20 Harbour Drive, Singapore 117612
+65 6916 0740

Opened in 2022, our West Coast campus offers Nursery 2 to Grade 5. It also offers the short-term bespoke Middleton Intensive English Programme for non-native speaking learners in Grades 4 to 7. 

At Middleton, we strive to make the admission process as straightforward as possible. 

Our academic year is from January to December, and we accept applications throughout the year. As an EduTrust-certified Singapore international school, we welcome international students on Students Pass and LTVP holders too. Find out more about your desired campus below.

What Parents Are Saying

nadeen alsamha and moayad ismail

Nadeen Alsamha and Moayad Ismail

We’ve been in Singapore for five years now and both our children started at Middleton in 2018, Ameera in Grade 1 (now in Grade 6)  and Yousef in K2 (now in Grade 4). We found out about the school when researching online. It’s in a convenient location close to where we lived and is reasonably…

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Deepa Kuruvilla

Relocation can be a traumatic experience, especially when it involves children. We recently shifted from Mumbai to Singapore and thanks to Amelia from Middleton West Coast, the whole process was smooth and painless. We selected the school because we heard great reviews about it and found it offered an international curriculum at an affordable price…

tsuyoshi odahara

Tsuyoshi Odahara

My daughter has been attending the West Coast Campus since August last year. The reasons for choosing this school were the reasonable tuition fee for international schools and the extensive curriculum. The campus is modest in size and, it has well-equipped facilities and its cleanliness makes parents feel assured about sending their children here. Not only…

sei miyazaki 1 240x170

Sei Miyazaki

I chose this school for the following reasons. The tuition fees are reasonable, the school is made in cosy and welcoming environment and they emphasise children’s wellness. The easy access from the nearest train station was also an appealing factor. When comparing and considering other schools, the decisive factor was the prompt and courteous response…

Hoang Le Minh

It has been more than 2 years since my daughter, Catherine, started her study at MIS (Tampines). We were very happy to see her progress in the school in all aspects: knowledge, behaviour, and physical fitness. We are so grateful to teachers and staff at MIS for their contribution to my daughter’s development. We unfortunately…

Sally Lodey

From our very first visit, the school felt more like a family: There is camaraderie among the teachers, the staff, and the parents unlike anything we had ever experienced. The class sizes are manageable, the children are happy, and our daughter loves attending the school. I would go as far to say it is the best school she has ever attended.

Emma Stratford

As soon as I walked into Middleton and saw the smiles of the children and staff, I knew we were in the right place. The principal was very assuring and I just knew I wanted to be a part of this school…[B]ecause MIS follows the IPC, my children pick up skills and knowledge that are transferable, and they can fit back to the UK education system if we return.

Donna Jan dua

Middleton won our hearts with its wonderfully warm parent liaison team…The second consideration was the continuity of the school. Middleton is part of the EtonHouse group. We, therefore, feel very comfortable to send our child to Middleton where the children are involved in the classrooms and the teachers really draw out their talent and skills.

Pierfrancesco Perini

Middleton is an excellent education choice at a fair cost, providing a solution to foreigners who cannot afford the high fees of other international schools…Having been an educator myself, I always believe that a place is only as good as the people you know in it. It is the people that make the place, not the infrastructure, and the people at MIS are outstanding.

Mr. and Mrs. Andras Mezei

This school ticked all of our boxes…provide’s a supportive environment for children who do not speak English yet. And it all comes at an affordable price!…It is fantastic that each morning we are greeted with the smiling faces of the teachers and staff alongside the Principal who know all the children by name. We feel we have a true partnership with Middleton.

Nitya Sivaprasad

A typical day for the child is filled with loads of fun coupled with rigorous learning. The curriculum is extremely well designed. I love the fact that Middleton follows the Singapore MOE curriculum for Math and has adopted the IPC for English and Integrated Studies…and inculcates the values of compassion and service through various community-based activities.

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