Student Selection and Admission

Middleton International Schools carefully considers the suitability of prospective students to ensure that we are able to meet their learning needs and, at the same time, ensure that they meet the admission criteria set for the courses. By doing our due diligence in ensuring the best-fit matches of students to the courses, we hope for your children to have the most rewarding educational experience.

Age Level Placement

Middleton International School follows the January to December academic calendar. Successful application is dependent on the availability of places for the different year levels.

Middleton International School Tampines offers placement from Nursery 2 to Grade 12.

Middleton International School West Coast offers placement from Grades 1 to 5.

Year of BirthGrade Level Entry in 2024Grade Level Entry in 2025
2022Pre-NurseryNursery 1
2021Nursery 1Nursery 2
2020Nursery 2Kindergarten 1
2019Kindergarten 1Kindergarten 2
2018Kindergarten 2Grade 1
2017Grade 1Grade 2
2016Grade 2Grade 3
2015Grade 3Grade 4
2014Grade 4Grade 5
2013Grade 5Grade 6
2012Grade 6Grade 7
2011Grade 7Grade 8
2010Grade 8Grade 9
2009Grade 9Grade 10
2008Grade 10Grade 11
2007Grade 11Grade 12
2006Grade 12

Admissions Priority

Admission priority will be given to Staff’s children, siblings of current students and then by date of application.

For International Students

Middleton International School is able to accommodate Singapore Permanent Residents and Dependent Pass holders. Children need to hold a valid pass to attend school. Parents and guardians are required to inform the school if there is a change in pass status.

International students will require a student pass if:

They do not possess a Dependent Pass or an Immigration Exemption Order
Their parents are Singapore permanent residents, but they are not
They are currently staying in Singapore on a Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP)
Neither parent has an employment pass

As an EduTrust registered school, we can assist with your child’s student pass application to the ICA (Immigration Checkpoint Authority). Middleton cannot guarantee a successful outcome of a student pass application as it is solely at ICA’s discretion. Upon successful application, Student Pass holders must meet the minimum 90% monthly attendance requirements stipulated by the ICA.

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If you are holding a Student Pass in Singapore, you are only allowed to work if you meet specific requirements. Currently, Middleton students holding a Student Pass are not allowed to work in Singapore. Please refer to the MOM website for the latest information on Work Pass eligibility and exemption.

MIS Student in Library

For Singapore Citizens

Singapore Government regulations require Singaporean Citizens of Primary 1 age and above, who wish to attend a Foreign System School (FSS), to obtain approval from the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Important information regarding approval requests to the MOE:

Middleton may not offer a place to a Singapore Citizen of Primary 1 age and above without first obtaining approval from the MOE for that student.
Middleton must have a spot available for the student before submitting an application for a MOE approval.
Parents may not submit applications for approval to attend an FSS to the MOE directly. All applications to the MOE must be submitted directly by Middleton.
All approvals from the MOE are considered on a case by case basis, granted entirely at the discretion of the MOE. Approval granted for one FSS is only approved for that school only and does not guarantee that approval for a different FSS will be approved.

Children applying to Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 2 (in the Early Years programme) do not require MOE approval.