Early Years

Middleton Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 2 Programme
18 Months to Age 6

Middleton’s early years nursery and kindergarten international school programme offers a unique blend of the EtonHouse Inquire.Think.Learn (ITL) programme along with a formalised skills-based approach for primary school readiness. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, our inquiry-based programme enhances children’s natural curiosity. We see every child as a curious, communicative, capable, confident, and respected individual with their own unique understanding of the world around them.


EtonHouse is such a firm believer in this world-renowned approach that they founded Reggio Emilia in Asia for Children (REACH) in 2013 and is the only education group in Singapore to work directly with Reggio Children as part of its international network, providing learners with the best Reggio Emilia schools in Singapore. The Group is deeply committed to research and professional development and regularly organises high-quality training for educators across Asia to enhance the standards of practice.

Inquiry-based Programme

In our preschool curriculum, learning is integrated seamlessly across the areas of literacy, maths, visual and performing arts and personal, physical and social development. We view the environment as the third teacher where the environment has been intentionally designed for children to take ownership of their own learning igniting curiosity, research and exploration. Provocations are inviting and inspire the learners to wonder and find answers. Honouring the 100 languages of children, learners have abundant opportunities to express their creativity, identity and engage in innovation. Our teachers are not transmitters of knowledge but act as facilitators, guides and mentors of the learning process to scaffold children to deepen their knowledge and grow their confidence in tackling more sophisticated and complex discoveries.


The ITL programme has been successfully delivered in more than 100 EtonHouse pre-schools worldwide. It is supported by the pedagogues from the EtonHouse Education Centre and continues to be reviewed and enhanced based on our classroom learnings and research conducted by experts in the field.

Campuses that offer the Early Years Programme

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Middleton International School, Tampines


Middleton Pre-School, West Coast