Evelyn Tay

Evelyn Tay​

Chief Executive Officer, Singapore and Group Chief Human Resource Officer of EtonHouse International Education Group

Evelyn’s role as CEO and CHRO at EtonHouse International Education Group is crucial in driving both the strategic direction and operational effectiveness of the organisation, particularly within the context of its Singapore schools. With her background in HR and accounting, she brings a comprehensive understanding of both financial management and human capital to her leadership role.

As CEO, Evelyn is responsible for charting the strategic vision of the EtonHouse’s Singapore operations and implementing policies that support growth and operational excellence. This involves setting long-term goals, identifying market opportunities, and ensuring the alignment of resources and initiatives to achieve desired outcomes.

In her capacity as CHRO, Evelyn oversees the human resources function, which includes talent acquisition, development, and retention. She leverages her expertise in people management best practices to create a supportive and high-performing organisational culture. This involves implementing policies and programmes that foster employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and continuous learning and development.

By combining her financial acumen with her HR expertise, Evelyn is well-positioned to drive sustainable growth and excellence in educational practice within the EtonHouse Group. She plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the organisation maintains a strong financial footing while also nurturing its most valuable asset – its people. Through her leadership, EtonHouse can continue to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of the education sector while delivering high-quality educational experiences to its students.