Student Support

Student Support Services

A comprehensive list of student support services will be made available to all students of the school. This shall include:

Middleton provides pre-course consultation services for prospective students to make informed choices before application.

The consultation includes:

  • assessing the prospective students’ educational needs based on their proficiencies;
  •  providing appropriate guidance and advice on the suitability of the courses available; and
  • Providing continual learning development guidance relating to the course.

Most enrolling students and their families attend at least one on-site visit. For those who do not, several dialogues are put in place so that support is offered to ensure the potential enrollee’s primary adult representatives are offered all the relevant information.

The role of Learning Support is to help ensure the academic, behavioral and social well-being of students. We are dedicated to ensuring that students are provided with appropriate educational and social tools to be successful in school. This is accomplished through offering effective school-wide behavior and leadership programmes, student support within the mainstream environment, providing intervention strategies to students and teachers, and monitoring student achievement.

The programmes, intervention strategies and trainings are developed based on student and classroom needs. We work in collaboration with class teachers, parents and external agencies in supporting, assessing and monitoring students’ progress.

Middleton International School provides emotional support for students to help them cope with mental stress relating to a new environment or course demands; and create a culture and climate of care, trust and friendliness that encourage student attendance and involvement during their studies with Middleton.

Pastoral Counselling Services may include:

  • Providing emotional support for students to help them cope with mental stress relating to a new environment or course demands;
  • Implementing programmes to create a culture and climate of care, trust and friendliness that encourage student attendance and involvement; etc and
  • Sharing of children’s development in the Parent School Association.

The orientation programme for all newly-enrolled students and their parents/guardians serves to:

  • disseminate and reiterate important course information and other information;
  • inform students of their rights (this shall include internal and external grievance and dispute resolution procedures, fee protection scheme, reference to CPE’s official website);
  • inform students of course deferment/extension criteria and procedures, suspension and expulsion conditions; and
  • give details of the organization awarding the certificate

The purpose of IWC is to protect the unconsumed course fees paid by students in the event that a PEI is unable to continue operating.

For effective implementation, Middleton shall:

  • Adhere to the fee collection cap;
  • Inform all prospective students of the policy at the point of course consultation;
  • Ensure that all its current students are protected

Students studying in MIS pay their school fees two (4) times in each academic calendar year and MIS shall not collect fee beyond 06 months

All students are covered with the School Medical Insurance Policy for hospitalization and related medical treatment for the entire course duration.

Singaporean/PR students are exempted if they are already covered by their own medical insurance plan.

Middleton has appointed Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd as our Medical Insurance Provider

Other student support services include:

  • School facilities to enrich the students’ educational experiences
  • Extra Curricular Activities for the holistic development of students
  • Bus transport service (optional)
  • Close collaboration with parents/guardians for students
  • Assistance to international students in general to help them to adapt to the local environment or seek other support services

The list of up-to-date student support services will be communicated via parent handbook, notice boards, Student Representatives Committee Meetings Middleton will regularly evaluate the support services provided to ensure high standards of service.

The review should encompass the scope, suitability, quality, effectiveness of student services support. Students’ feedback data will be gathered from Parent and Student Satisfaction Survey and Feedbacks/Complaints.

People and Processes

All teachers are responsible for providing counselling for students when deemed necessary. This may refer to course needs and students’ progress.

Relevant training is provided by several means: via induction when new staff members commence service; via external providers’ services and by our in-house staff.

The school provides a number of programmes to instil a culture and climate of care, trust and friendliness to encourage student involvement.  This includes the Student Representative Council that regularly meets and discusses student/school issues.

For continual improvement, Middleton shall regularly evaluate and review the counselling services offered so as to ensure high standards of services.

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