Vision, Mission and Values


To empower students to become confident, responsible and successful citizens now, and in the future


Middleton International School will meet its vision through:

  • A curriculum that challenges students to realize their true potential and motivates them to do their best
  • An educational philosophy that nurtures caring, socially conscious and internationally minded citizens of the world
  • An integrated and well-rounded programme that is distinctive in its approach and relentless in its pursuit for excellence


  • Compassion – To develop a deep sense of empathy and respect for people, animals and the environment both within and outside the school community
  • Resilience – To persevere to overcome disappointment and adversity and emerge stronger and more determined than ever
  • Confidence – To develop a strong sense of self-concept and act with courage and conviction
  • Collaboration – To work harmoniously, respectfully and in cooperation with all members of the community
  • Excellence – To bring out the best in yourself and in others and achieve a true sense of accomplishment
  • Enthusiasm –To demonstrate passion and zeal in every small and large endeavour for yourself and for the community at large


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