Ms Manrasna

Manrasna Kaur

EAL Teacher

Rasna believes as educators, our most fundamental task is to make students feel comfortable in the classroom, for only then can they devote their full attention to their learning and personal growth. Rasna has taught EAL for over five years and throughout that time, she has worked closely with countless students, creating a positive and nurturing environment where they can thrive, develop, learn and grow. She uses images, objects, and games in her teaching, encouraging experiential learning allowing students to practise multiple skills simultaneously.

Rasna was brought up in Japan and Thailand. In addition to a Masters of Social Science in Psychology from the National University of Singapore, she also holds a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University, Canada. Having pursued her education in several countries, she has been exposed to different teaching methods and learning environments. These experiences have helped Rasna shape her approach to teaching and understand the perspectives of her students. She emphasizes the importance of meeting the needs of diverse learners as they learn both the language and the culture of their school.

Outside of teaching, Rasna enjoys painting, hiking, and travelling to new places with her husband and two kids.

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