Neha Srivastava

Art & Library Teacher & Community & Culture Coordinator (UBT)

Neha is a dynamic teacher who comes to Middleton with an array of experiences in the creative fields of designing and visual arts. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Psychology (honours) and has completed her teaching qualifications from Cambridge. Her stints with different international schools in Singapore have added to her wealth of experience. Neha believes in building strong relationships with the learners and partnership with parents in order to establish a sense of security, comfort and warmth in the classroom. She believes that this is crucial to the students’ learning. Neha encourages her learners to take ‘risks’ and try out new possibilities as a part of growth, particularly in the arts.

Neha’s also helps in providing student support wherever needed. She works with the class teachers, senior management team and the children to understand contexts in regards to behaviour or academic support and suggests possible solutions.

In her spare time Neha enjoys baking and creative pursuits. With her positive persona and energy, she brings a sense of camaraderie and vibrancy to the Middleton community.