School Fees (Tampines)

School Fees

Fees Breakdown for [email protected]

Total Payable (with GST, if any) (S$)
Early years
(N2 – K2)
Primary years
(G1 – 5)
Secondary years
(G6 – 9)
Course Fee 16,100.0015,300.0017,550.00
less: AY2021 Fees Discount (T1 & T2)150.00150.00150.00
Student Insurance36.0436.0436.04
Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)63.9460.7469.74
GST (7%)1,123.501,067.271,225.40
Total Course Fees Payable17,173.4816,314.0518,731.18
No. of Instalments

*Grade 10 will be launched in January 2022. Grades 11 and above will be launched progressively from 2022, subject to CPE approval.

Instalment Schedule (Early Years)

Instalment ScheduleAmount (with GST, if any)
Date Due
1st Instalment 4,333.4812/11/2020
2nd Instalment4,226.5004/02/2021
3rd Instalment4,306.7513/05/2021
4th Instalment4,306.7505/08/2021
Total Course Fees Payable:17,173.48

Instalment Schedule (Primary Years)

Instalment ScheduleAmount (with GST, if any)
Date Due
1st Instalment4,116.0512/11/2020
2nd Instalment4,012.5004/02/2021
3rd Instalment4,092.7513/05/2021
4th Instalment4,092.7505/08/2021
Total Course Fees Payable:16,314.05

Instalment Schedule (Secondary Years)

Instalment ScheduleAmount (with GST, if any)
Date Due
1st Instalment4,727.5412/11/2020
2nd Instalment4,614.3804/02/2021
3rd Instalment4,694.6313/05/2021
4th Instalment4,694.6305/08/2021
Total Course Fees Payable:18,731.18

Miscellaneous Fees

Purpose of FeeAmount (with GST, if any) (S$)
Registration Fee (non-refundable, applicable for new registration)
Comprises of:
- Administration Fee ($535.00)
- Confirmation Fee ($535.00)
Additional Language (Chinese/ Hindi/French)1,070.00 per term
EAL (English as an Additional Language)321.00 – 642.00 per term
Learning Support Fee500.00 – 4,000.00 per year
Arrowsmith Assessment Fee2,675.00
Arrowsmith Programme (7 years and above)4,387.00 – 19,260.00 per year
Books and Stationery300.00 – 500.00
Dress (Girls – Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2)
Middleton Shirt (Unisex)
Skorts (Girls)
Bermudas (Boys)
Long Trousers (Boys – Grade 9 and above)
PE Polo (Unisex)
PE Shorts (Unisex)
29.00 – 35.00
33.00 – 35.00
28.00 – 32.00
38.00 – 42.00
28.00 – 31.00
22.00 – 25.00
iPad/Laptop (from Grade 3 and above) 1,000.00-1,500.00
External Standardised Assessment Fee*60.00*
Field Trip(s) / School Camps*150.00-2,000.00*
ECAs (By external providers)200.00-800.00 per term
Meals25.00 per week
Loss of Library Book20.00 per book
Re-issuing of Student Contract Fee10.00 per contract
Late Payment Fee Charge (invoiced 1 month after payment due date)5% of outstanding fee per month
Bank Fees5.00-50.00
Varies by bank
Inter-Campus Transfer Fee (non-refundable)267.50
Student Pass (STP) & Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) Letter of Consent Application & Renewal Fee107.00

Miscellaneous Fees refer to any non-compulsory fees which the students pay only when applicable. Such fees are normally collected by the PEI when the need arises.

  • 1 set of school uniforms (Shirt & Skorts for girls and Shirt & Shorts for boys) and 1 set of PE (T-Shirt and Shorts). Additional uniforms can be purchased at the school office.
  • Textbooks
  • Local academic field trips
  • ECA (MIS offers a limited number of ECAs and more Co-curricular Activities instead.) 

For technology/IT equipment, MIS has a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy for students of Grade 3 and above. 

*Registration fee is non-refundable and comprises of S$535 for Administration Fee and S$535 for Confirmation Fee.

*To be invoiced before activity or event.

Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)

In compliance with the Private Education Act (2009), all students’ fees must be insured under the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS). This scheme is implemented to provide insurance of the unused fees in the event that Middleton is unable to continue operating and/or regulatory closure. All Middleton’s students are now covered under this insurance to remain compliant with the Committee for Private Education (CPE). Fees are only considered protected when paid to the school. Upon receipt of payment, Middleton would purchase the insurance on behalf of the student. A certificate would be issued to the family separately. This certificate would indicate the amount covered and the period of coverage.

Middleton has appointed Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd as our FPS Provider.

For more information on the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS), please visit the CPE’s website


To find out more about admissions, contact us at [email protected] or call +65 6636 1155 to speak to our friendly staff.

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