Middleton Pre-School West Coast

What’s unique about this school

Caters to children from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 2 (18 months to age 6)
Part of EtonHouse International Education Group, which is the only education group that is part of the Reggio Children International Network
EtonHouse’s Reggio-inspired Inquire.Think.Learn curriculum
Seamless learning experiences planned in English and Mandarin
Warm and inviting learning environment, with indoor and outdoor spaces and specialist studios
Before and after school childcare hours from 7am to 7pm
Offer enriching programmes during school holidays at no additional cost
Prepares children for primary school in a local or international setting
Seamless transition to Middleton International School for primary, that is co-located within the same building
Conveniently located on the West Coast of Singapore, right next to Haw Par Villa MRT Station on the Circle line
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Middleton Pre-School West Coast is a boutique campus located in the West of Singapore. This new pre-school in Singapore features well-equipped naturally-lit classrooms, an art atelier, and purposefully designed indoor and outdoor spaces to facilitate holistic learning experiences for our pre-school students.


The foundation for your child’s future is laid from the early years at Middleton Pre-School when his or her curiosity and sense of wonder are boundless. We adopt EtonHouse’s proprietary Inquire.Think.Learn curriculum that is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach — it is designed to use inquiry to set up rich learning experiences that support your child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. After Kindergarten 2, learners can progress to Middleton International School located within the same building for primary years.

Reggio-inspired Inquire.Think.Learn

Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 2
18 Months to Age 6

Happiness and Well-being

Since our inception, Middleton has placed a strong emphasis on social and emotional learning as we believe in the lifelong positive impact mindfulness in school brings to our community. Happiness and well-being are built into the very fabric of our school and culture. We are also The Contentment Foundation’s Mothership School in Southeast Asia, leading the way for mindfulness practices and student well-being programmes for schools in the region.

Leadership Team

The Middleton leadership team combines decades of relevant experience with a strong belief that curiosity, positive psychology and mindfulness are the key to creating a flourishing school where learners thrive.

Miss Atima Joshi

Atima Joshi

Senior Principal at Middleton International School Tampines and Middleton Pre-School
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Doreen Wong

Principal at Middleton Pre-School, West Coast


Teaching is not just a job for our educators — it is a calling. It is a culture that is ingrained in our teachers, championed by the leadership team, and perpetuated by every member of the teaching staff. Our recruitment process doesn’t just look for experience and qualifications but a certain passion to make a difference in the lives of children.

Part of the EtonHouse International Education Group, we have an in-house pedagogy team that provides our teaching staff with ongoing training and access to the latest research in inquiry-based learning. 

EtoHouse is the only education group in Singapore that is part of the Reggio Children International Network. Our educators receive high-quality professional training on the Reggio Emilia approach, and have the opportunity to travel to Reggio Emilia for study groups every year and gain first-hand experience from its infant-toddler centres and pre-schools.



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At Middleton, we strive to make the admission process as straightforward as possible. Our academic year is from January to December, and we accept applications throughout the year. Find out more about our admission processes and eligibility below.

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