School Fees

2024 School Fees

Payment Methods
Middleton accepts payment of our fees in the following methods:
1. PayNow
2. Credit Cards
3. Wire Transfer
Please note that payment details will be shared with the families once the full set of application documents is received. 

MIS Tampines Early Years

Siblings Discount

Middleton offers a 10% sibling discount on course fees for the 2nd enrolled child onwards. Discount will be applied to the child(ren) with the lower school fees.

ECDA Childcare Subsidy

Middleton Pre-School is registered with ECDA as a childcare centre which is guided by the MOE Curriculum Framework for Kindergartens in Singapore. Singaporean children are entitled to the ECDA childcare subsidy.


Refundable Deposit

A refundable deposit equivalent to two-thirds of full-day term school fees is payable before the commencement of school. In the event that there is an increase in school fees, the Deposit must be topped-up to maintain the equivalent of two-thirds of full-day term school fees.

The deposit shall be repaid in full after deducting any amounts due to the school, provided written notice is served at least 8 fee-paying term-weeks+ before the child is withdrawn. In cases of insufficient withdrawal notice, 50% of the deposit will be retained by the school. For the avoidance of doubt, payment of school fees in lieu of notice period will not be accepted by Middleton.
+Term-week refers to the school’s calendar for the academic term. Fee-paying term-weeks refer to the school’s calendar for the academic term excluding holiday activity periods, school holiday periods, public holidays, and school closure periods.