Sustainability – Curriculum connections

22 Apr

Dear Friends of Middleton, Happy Earth Day! Hope this finds you all well. MIS has been busy in playing their part for the environment. Last year our children wrote to companies like Vitagen and UHU to make bigger serving packs sans straws and make refillable glue sticks. We heard from UHU that they are trying to look in to the

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Welcome to our Academic Year 2018

28 Jan

Dear Friends of Middleton, Hope this find you all as happy as our students are, to be back at school! The holidays were a busy period as we re-organized the school spaces to accommodate our growing MIS family. The teachers started on a busy note with their induction and professional development. Lifelong learning is a value that is seriously brought

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Celebrating Diversity at MIS

27 Oct

Dear Friends of Middleton, We are having a spate of celebrations to celebrate the wonderful diversity of our community! We started with the Mooncake festival a fortnight ago where Ms Jasmine took the lead on explaining the significance of the Mooncake festival. Sophia from Primary 1 was our fabulous Chinese to English translator! Students had an opportunity to sample mooncakes

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Student achievements

18 Sep

Dear Friends of Middleton, It’s been a great term for our children as we have gone from strength to strength in terms of our new families and staff. We have had exciting learning opportunities and have worked on the Middleton learner dispositions. The Primary 1 class has been working on buildings and structures. They have built bridges and tested how

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Welcome Term 3

24 Aug

Welcome our new families

31 Jul

Dear Friends of Middleton, This term we welcome our new families who add to the diverse cultural fabric at Middleton. In this context it was just perfect to start Term 3 with a beautiful celebration of the Racial Harmony Day.  We welcomed the EtonHouse Pre-school students who performed a selection of Malay, Chinese and Indian cultural dances for us. Our

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Community experiences and more

05 Jun

Dear Friends of Middleton, It’s been a busy time at school with a myriad of learning experiences in all areas. While the Primary 1’s have been glittering with excitement doing glitter experiments to see the spread of germs, the older groups have been working with clay to express their understanding of body parts and different organs of the body.

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Our Beautiful Community!

15 May

Welcome to Term 2

02 May

Our Middleton community is growing by leaps and bounds and it is great to welcome and welcome back to our new and continuing families! We also welcome into our community, the Primary 4/5 Orcas class students and their teacher, Ms Marjorie La France. Ms Marjorie is from Canada and has vast experience in teaching this age group.

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Principal’s Message for Term 1

03 Apr

Dear Friends of Middleton, We have come to the end of a very happy and busy term 1 – our very first term at Middleton!  From baby steps to big strides, it has all happened rather quickly in the last ten weeks!

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