Launch of Contentment Curriculum with The Contentment Foundation

15 Jun

Pioneering the integration of contentment and student wellbeing in Singapore, Middleton International School is the mothership school in South East Asia for The Contentment Foundation.

Middleton International School is proud to launch a new contentment programme in partnership with The Contentment Foundation in 2020. This new programme focuses on developing our students’ overall sense of contentment and wellbeing during their schooling years with Middleton, providing a holistic and balanced student experience.

Student wellbeing is built into the very fabric of our school and culture and as such we are proud to be the Mothership School in South East Asia. The Contentment Foundation is a US-based wellbeing curriculum and programme that is one of a kind. 

The Contentment Foundation provides scientifically-evidenced, philosophically-grounded practices that promote safe, loving, and healthy school climates. To find out more, click on the link below:

Since inception, Middleton has placed a strong emphasis on developing international-mindedness and intercultural understanding in all our programs. We have developed and nurtured homegrown mindfulness practices and programs to best support our students and community. In 2019, we partnered with the Centre for Mindfulness in Singapore to conduct our own internal research project examining the positive impact on mindfulness on our learners. After receiving significant positive results, we were excited to delve deeper into research-based, and practical wellbeing programmes and curriculum. It was at this point we formed a partnership with the Contentment Foundation. Our strong wellbeing and positive psychology pedagogy support us to continue to lead the way in terms of student flourishing at Middleton and beyond in our local and global community. 

The Four Pillars of the Contentment Foundation (mindfulness, community, self-curiosity and contentment & balance) provide a unique curriculum that aims to support students to develop and cultivate sustainable wellbeing practices for life. The curriculum itself was designed in collaboration with developmental psychologists, neuroscientists, educators and philosophers from around the world. The rigour of the program in conjunction with its easy application provides our learners with a unique opportunity to develop as happy and content people in a modern and busy world. 


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